Some ideas for the weekend:
- Any of the music picks from Coolfer - or anything else on Gothamist Arts & Events.
- Get your theater on, by seeing O Changgun's Toenail which ends this weekend and Kronos & Krainos, which has a limited run this weekend
- Go to Natchez and Patio's Pig Roast this Sunday
- Watch Lance possibly win the Tour de France (if you've got OLN on your cable system, that is)
- Ponder things your weather person isn't telling you on Gothamist Weather
- And thankfully Ask Gothamist has some post-hangover advice - good for after all your day-after-partying-blues.
- See Otis the pot-bellied pig, above, and other animals at the Central Park Zoo (yes, cruel to show Otis and mention a pig roast, but we can't help think Otis is cute AND like eating pork)

Have a great weekend - and how are you spending it?