2007_1_ask_tshirts.jpgI want to make some custom t-shirts for my team. Is there a way to do it myself, or have it done cheaply by someone else?

Funny that you should ask, we were just researching that for our own purposes. There seems to be a few ways to do it, depending on your design, what you have on hand already, and how fast you need the shirts.
For plain old letters and numbers, you can go the traditional iron-on route, which can be purchased at a basic craft store. If only there were craft stores around here... that's where we get a little stumped. If all else fails though, there's always Amazon.com Depending on how basic your design is, you can get Iron-on Transfer Paper that you can print your design onto and then iron onto a shirt. A few things to note about this option -
1. They do NOT work on laser printers, in fact they can ruin laser printers. We learned the hard way. The heat on those printers activates the stickum or whatever and it is not good for the printer.
2. You have to cut out your design before you iron it on. If you are writing something out or have an intricate design, this probably is not a good option for you.
3. To iron a light image onto a colored shirt, make sure you get the Dark T-shirt transfers.

If you need more of a "sophisticated" printing option for complex designs, we had to consult the web. We are curious what other people have found, as we have never had a t-shirt printed online before. We came across Cafe Press' customizable t-shirts, and were impressed with the price, but not so much with the limited color selection. You'll be set if you want to print on a white t-shirt. Or a pale yellow or green. Black? Not so much. However, for $13.99 plus shipping, it was the cheapest we found for printing on the front and back of a basic white t-shirt. We have heard friends say good things about Neighborhoodies, but when we tried to visit their site, it was down. We'll have to rely on word-of-mouth for that one.

For those of you who have created your own shirts with success (or failure) - how have you brought your creations to life?

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