Baseball's interminable winter hiatus has come to an end and the Yankees and Mets are back in action. And much like the players who have spent the off-season conditioning themselves for a championship run, some fans are equally prepared to continue their antics. The New York Post profiles MVPs that never leave the stands. Freddy "Sez" Schulman will be at Yankee Stadium banging his frying pan (it's a lucky frying pan). Eddie "The Cow-Bell Man" Boison makes his noise at Shea Stadium with a cowbell.

"I squat, I fall, I jump, I ring, and possibly this season I'll even sing, but it might just call the cows home, and [Manager] Willie Randolph couldn't handle that," he says. "How would the stadium hold a herd of cows?"

It's the kind of question that we're sure keeps Randolph up at nights. "Sal The Sign Guy" Candiano never comes to the stadium with fewer than 20 signs and counts third-basemen David Wright among his fans. Les "Scattman" Cohen ran eight miles and did 400 situps daily in the off-season in order to lose 55 pounds and better perform at Yankees games (he gyrates).

"I cut down on bread, pasta, pastrami heroes, oy vey, all my favorite foods. But the Yanks are worth it," he said.

Maybe Steinbrenner could show his appreciation by awarding "Scattman" a free membership to the new 24-hour Yankees Health Clubs slated to open in the city in 2008. In addition to the regular equipment found in most gyms, the Yankees Health Clubs will be outfitted with team memorabilia and include batting cages and sliding areas.

Photo of Cow-Bell Man by tienmao on flickr