hobclam.jpg It's true-- we often tell people that if there was any justice in this world, Hoboken would be New York's sixth borough (along with Bayonne, Jersey City, Weehawken, etc-- seriously-- check out this map-- the border between the states should have been drawn at the river on the other side of Jersey City, not in the middle of the Hudson, which should belong 100% to New York State.) Anyway, until we go to war with Jersey over the border, we'll just have to appreciate Hoboken from afar. Thankfully, others share our love for our neighbor to the west. This week Forgotten-NY got around to writing up a full tour of the area, complete with about a thousand pictures. Favorite facts:

Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken in 1915 in a house on Monroe Street between 4th and 5th Street that is no longer standing. When he started his career (inspired by a Bing Crosby performance in a movie at the Loew's Theatre in downtown Jersey City) and got married, he moved to Jersey City and eventually left New Jersey and rarely looked back. Legend has it that in 1948, he was singing at the Union Club on 600 Hudson Street, got booed off the stage, and swore he would never return. Still, he is a native son of Hoboken and is revered there. More recently, Hoboken can claim actors Joe Pantoliano and Laura San Giacomo.

This monument, at 11th and Washington, reminds passersby of Hoboken's claim to be the city where organized baseball originated. In the mid-1840s, about one block from here along he Hudson River, there was an expansive public park known as Elysian Fields (named for the equivalent of heaven in the classic Greek myths) where, on June 19, 1846 the New York Base Ball Club defeated the Knickerbockers 23-1 in what was purportedly the first officially recorded professional baseball game. Baseball had been played for decades before that, however. Cooperstown, NY also claims the title.

Alas, our favorite Hoboken sight, the Clam Broth Hand pictured above, is temporarily in storage. More about Hoboken: Hobokeni
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