When Gothamist thinks of going to a football game we think of many things not the least of which is tailgating. But apparently in the New York area those days are over, and not because the Jets are moving to a stadium without a parking lot (that didn't work out, remember?).

In response to the Xandadu retail and entertainment complex being built next door to Giants stadium the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority has informed season-ticket holders that they are instituting a "Tailgate Courtesy Squad." The Squad will work to assure a China-like "one car, one space" rule so as to reduce traffic jams and disorderly conduct. What exactly will this mean? It means that the roughly 30% of the game attendees who like to drink and barbecue by the stadium as part of their game-day rituals will have to do so either in the "designated tailgate areas" or within the confines of their one parking space (no putting the grill in the space next to you). Gothamist has some doubts as to the feasibility of this plan (we still plan to tailgate) but what are your thoughts?

Tailgating Rules at the Meadowlands.
Photograph from Tailgating.com