2007_10_dickcover.jpgQuick! What's scarier than a ghost, ghoul, or goblin? It's Dick Cheney...hunting! Everyone around the Valley Rod & Gun Club in Dutchess County better stock up on all the orange clothing they can find because the Vice President is going to be in your back yard. The Poughkeepsie Journal first reported Thursday that Cheney is coming to upstate New York for a hunting trip. He's expected to arrive Sunday night at Stewart airport and to go hunting on Monday.

It won't be Cheney's first visit to Valley Rod & Gun Club, he also hunted there in October, 2001. The arrival of the Vice President will likely cause traffic delays on some roads Sunday night and possibly cause school bus delays on Monday depending on when he goes hunting. We can see the headlines now, "Dick Shoots Down Dreams of 7 year-old Students." Won't somebody think of the children?!

Cheney famously became the butt of jokes in early 2006 when he shot a companion while hunting in Texas. Our advice to any hunting partners of the Vice President on this trip - just lay flat on the ground next to the car.

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