Kurt Warner; Photo: AP

Kurt Warner, the deposed St. Louis Ram signed a contract with the Giants, giving the team a much needed veteran quarterback for the coming season. The 2-year contract is an incentive laden contract that will pay him up to about $7.5 million this year, with $3.5 of that guaranteed. The second year of the deal is voidable by both sides. Warner gives the Giants leadership and some credibility in the NFC East, but it will still be hard to compete with the their rivals who seemed to make much more progress.

This morning, a groggy Gothamist saw an interview that Warner had with the NFL Network where he said that it's great coming to a team with "so many weapons." Correct us if we're wrong, but didn't you just play for the "Greatest show on turf"? As much as we would like to think so, Gothamist doesn't think that Tiki, Ike, Jeremy, and Amani are the same.

Warner looks to be the Giants starter this season, which Gothamist hopes is the case. For one, the Giants would be pretty bad starting Eli Manning right away, but we mostly don't want to hear Brenda Warner call into local sports radio.