2006_04_snetslogo.jpgNew Jersey cannot wait for the playoffs to start. Another lethargic start didn't cost the Nets, who rallied to beat the Celtics 79-74 in Boston Friday, but it provided a good indication of how interested New Jersey is in the rest of the regular season. Not very. They scored all of 25 points in the first half. The good news: Boston scored only 33. The lone bright spot in the performance could have been the Nets' balanced "attack." Five players scored in double figures.

With their games bumped to WWOR (channel 9) to make room for the Yankees, the Nets don't have the same energy. Miami also won Friday, denying the Nets the chance of passing the Heat for the second seeding in the East. Gothamist had written off their chances at that earlier, so no surrpise there. Now the Nets can really twiddle their thumbs waiting for the playoffs to start. Three games remain, including Boston visiting New Jersey on Sunday.