2006_05_ssubwaytins.jpgBilly, it’s Metallica on the phone, they want their song back. Actually, you have bigger problems than a stupid song, you just threw your manager under the bus after blowing a 4-0 lead in the ninth. You were “surprised” to be used in that situation? Don’t you think for $11-million a year Willie Randolph should be able to choose when and how often he uses you?

Wagner’s terrible performance erased a fantastic start by Pedro Martinez. Pedro allowed only four hits over seven innings while striking out eight. He was staked to an early 2-0 lead after Carlos Beltran and David Wright delivered RBI doubles in the first. Carlos Delgado and Cliff Floyd homered to give the Mets a four-run lead going into the ninth.]

That’s when it all came apart as Wagner gave up a hit to Jason Giambi, a walk to Alex Rodriguez and a hit to Robinson Cano, before getting an out. Melky Cabrera battled through an 11-pitch at bat to draw a walk and Wagner collapsed from there, walking Kelly Stinnett and hitting Bernie Williams before being lifted from the game. Pedro Feliciano did his job and got a potential double-play ball, but Johnny Damon beat it out to tie the game. Miguel Cairo led off the eleventh inning with a walk and Andy Phillips singled him home to provide the Yankees with the unlikely 5-4 win.

Image from Stadiatins