Wade Boggs, once a member of the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Devil Rays, but most beloved in the hearts of New Yorkers as a NY Yankee (especially since he was a part of a World Series team), has been voted almost unanimously to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Some of his stats: His career batting average is .328, and he's batted in 118 home runs and 1,014 runs in over 2,439 games. But who could forget that magical moment when, after the Yankees won the 1996 World Series, Boggs got onto a police horse and rode around the stadium. It would have been one thing if Boggs was riding the horse alone, but he bumped along riding behind a police officer. This made Gothamist laugh well into 1997.

Boggs is a superstitious player. And here are some more stats and this is a Yankees.com story about his numbers.