I'm a New York City resident but have never voted. Is it too late to register for the November election? How do I register in time?

Adam, UES

It's not too late at all. You still have until October 7 to register for the November 2 election. (The deadline in New Jersey is October 1 and in Connecticut it's October 18.)

Visit the New York State Board of Elections website where you can download a voter registration form to mail in. You can also call 1-800-FOR-VOTE to request one over the phone. If you will be getting or renewing a New York State driver's license soon, you can also register to vote with your application at the DMV.

If you live in New York because you are a student or are only here temporarily, consider voting in your home state via absentee ballot. Both Republicans and Democrats are counting on swing states to tilt the election in their favor and considering how close things were in 2000, your vote could actually make a difference.

That doesn't mean that New Yorkers shouldn't vote because our state is less of a toss up. Considering how hard so many people have fought for the right during our country's history, the right to vote should be exercised early and as often as is allowed by law.

Check out P. Diddy's new voter registration organization, Citizen Change.