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Late Friday, the Nets and Toronto Raptors agreed to a trade that brings Vince Carter to the Nets and ships Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and two first-round draft picks north of the border. Carter has been out with an injured achilles since early December, but the Nets anticipate his return this week.

In a question that Gothamist seems to be asking too often these days, did the Nets (in this case) give up too much to get Carter or is it just what they need to become competitive. A lineup with Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson sounds very nice, but big names don't necessarily deliver championships (we're looking at you Lakers).

Good or bad, this is a great move by Nets management. You're mired in last, don't fill your arena due to that whole moving thing, and you have more empty seats than fans. A trade for an five time All Star will certainly sell some tickets. All they need for him to do is be healthy.

Not surprisingly, Torontoist is happy to see him go. Oh, and the Nets happened to play the Raptors last night too, losing 110-99.

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