Vince Carter; Photo: Clarence Tabb, Jr/The Detroit News

A week after being traded to the Nets, Vince Carter finally made his debut. Carder scored 23 points in 42 minutes as the Nets lost 100-90 in overtime to the Detroit Pistons. While he played well while in the game, Carter left the game when the Nets needed him most, in overtime. With 2:13 left in extra time, Carter had a cramp in his left hamstring and was unable to return. Don't pro athletes know that they have to hydrate?

The Nets led for most of the game, but were overcome in overtime, when there were outscored 12-3. Richard Hamilton led the Pistons with 37 points and Richard Jefferson led the Nets with 27. The Pistons managed 16 blocked shots in the game. Tayshaun Prince had a great game, scoring 18, and added 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 blocks.

And yes, anytime Gothamist does a Nets post, it will have 'Vinsanity' in the title.

- Image by Clarence Tabb, Jr/The Detroit News