In the urban jungle that is New York many different plants make their home. One of Gothamist's favorite plants is the striking and fragrant Chinese Wisteria (wisteria sinensis). If you've ever walked around the Village you've seen its thick vines and drooping leaves, not to mention its splendid purple, white and pink flowers in the spring. And in case you weren't sure what you were looking at this weeks Villager gives a good rundown on the history of the plant and where to spot it. They even provides a rough guide to some of the Village's best vines:

One might start with Lee Anderson’s two award-winning vines at 35 Stuyvesant St. The vine with sparser foliage was trimmed back during the on-site filming of the Sean Penn/Nicole Kidman movie “The Interpreter.” Visit 121 Waverly Pl. (between Sixth Ave. and Washington Square West) for a look at a huge five-story wisteria and its thick, tangled cascade of smaller vines. To see what happens when the vine grows unchecked, head west to 18 Gay St. — a row house completely engulfed by a wisteria. Several more large wisterias can be seen nearby on 13th and 11th Sts., between Sixth and Eighth Aves. You might finish your tour with a drink at the Bowery Bar at Fourth St. and Bowery, whose patio boasts a wisteria running along and spilling over its walls.