Isn't it sweet (or cliché) when you go to a baseball game and the jumbotron flashes a marriage proposal? It's such a nice personal event that the couple is sharing with thousands of other people. While we secretly hope that someone says no, this prank proposal at Yankee Stadium takes things to a whole new level. Some background: two College Humor guys have been engaged in a "Prank War" starting earlier this year. The cruelness of the pranks has escalated as they continue and this one might be the meanest one.

Amir (the prankster) finds out that his friend Streeter (the prankee) is going to Mariners-Yankees game with his girlfriend. He buys a jumbotron marriage proposal and tickets nearby to capture Streeter and his girlfriend's reaction. The results are hilarious, yet so, so wrong.

UPDATE: Deadspin talked to Amir (prankster) about the prank. Streeter is still together with his girlfriend.