This video from Chase Trash, a blog formed by the Service Employees International Union, makes us want to curl up into the fetal position. It shows unshredded financial documents in the trash outside a Chase location. Chase Trash's Chase Monitor says:

Check out this footage of bank account numbers and other personal information I found in the trash bags at Chase Banks throughout the Big Apple. That’s right, in trash bags on the curb outside Chase Bank branches in Brooklyn, Chinatown, Queens, and the Upper East Side—so the swankiest among us aren’t safe either—I found everything from bank balances and account numbers to social security numbers and addresses ready for the taking by any mildly industrious ID thief.

Ack. And while you may not like clutter, but paper shredders are a worthy investment of money and precious square footage.

Flashback: In 2004, the Daily News found that the Department of Education left sensitive records about public school students dumped on the street.