What happens when a Port Richmond High School student posts a video on YouTube asking someone to put a bullet in a teacher's neck? Why, the police arrest the 16-year-old! Matthew Pacelli was thrown in jail for a night after the authorities saw his April 8 video where he complains about his report card.

Pacelli's lawyer told reporters, "He's very sorry about this whole thing, which is no admission of guilt. He meant the teacher no harm. He has no violent intent against the teacher. The teacher's not at risk from him being at large," but the DA had a different point of view. Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan said, "YouTube.com is a good site for posting amusing or informative videos, but there was nothing funny about the comments Mr. Pacelli made. In this day and age you cannot take these comments seriously enough, especially when they can be viewed by millions over the Internet."

The most offensive thing might be that kids today just aren't that smart. Kudos to the NY Times photographer Narayan Mahon and photo editor who worked on the story about an upstate town ending their school-issued laptop program. The kid in the main photo has a shirt that says "I'm a Drinker, Not a Fighter" and his laptop (school-issued, we imagine) has a bumper sticker: "Gun Control Means Using Two Hands."