Yesterday, videographer Kelly Loudenberg headed out to check out a visitor to New York. She writes:

Yesterday afternoon the Swiss vessel, Sun21, arrived into New York's North Cove Marina after completing a 7,000 mile journey across the Atlantic. And before you say, "So, what?" think about this: The Sun21 made it here without a drop of oil.

The Swiss-built solar-powered catamaran left continental Europe on December 3, 2006 and arrived in Martinique on February 2nd. It then traveled up to New York through March and April. The shipbuilder, Mark Wüst, says, "It's important for the next generation. We bring some solutions for the problems we have now. It's a small boat, but we can build it bigger."

You can learn more at the Sun21 website. And here's coverage from the Staten Island Advance, NY Times, and AP.