If Public Law 19 takes effect on its scheduled date of September 20, the number of New York City pedicabs will soon be capped at 325. Half of the pedicab drivers will lose their jobs, pedicabs will be banned from bridges and bike lanes, and small electric-assist motors will also be banned. The lottery to determine who in the industry will survive and who will be shut down is scheduled for this month.

Earlier this week, pedicab drivers rode in mass from Columbus Circle to City Hall picking up tourists and shouting "No Cap, No Ban!" The pedicab industry also insisted that it poses no threat to the taxi industry. At City Hall, they reached out to Mayor Bloomberg, one of their biggest supporters, asking him to lift the cap. Of course, he did veto the legislation capping the number of pedicabs, but the City Council overrode his veto, so it's unclear how much help he can offer.

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