The summer of 1977 was host to a serial killer, a day-long blackout and a crime rate around 75% higher than today's. The NY Sun reports that "politicians, police officers, and reporters are gathering together to remember that time and celebrate." John Jay College of Criminal Justice's Eugene O'Donnell is the one holding the press conference today which will focus on the anniversary of the capture of David Berkowitz, aka the " Son of Sam."

The celebration part of the event will place attention upon how far the city has come since that time. Think about it this way, during the Blackout of '77 "more than 1,600 stores were damaged, 3,776 people were arrested, and a congressional study estimated the damages as more than $300 million." During the Blackout of '03 people drank beer in the street.

The above clip is from the VH1 Rock Doc: NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell (which will air in its entirety on August 11th). The documentary features celebs, musicians, politicians and more all speaking about the events of that year, how the city coped and how hip-hop was emerging in the South Bronx, punk on the LES and disco in Midtown.