When the son of famed televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jay Bakker, made the decision to be a “gay affirming” pastor, his life was almost ruined for the second time. Financial backers dropped him, he had to let go of some of his staff, and churches he was scheduled to speak at pulled out.

Now Jay speaks at a different set of churches. Last Saturday we saw him at the Middle Collegiate Church, a church in the East Village with open doors, rainbow flags, and a black female minister. Jay spoke about modern day religion (or man’s religion) saying, “We look like a hospital that won’t let any sick people in.” He told stories about his childhood, the scandal that erupted, how that later led him to drinking, and how much later he almost didn't want to take part in the documentary series the Sundance Channel did on him - based on the fact that it was called "One Punk Under God" (he's more of a John Lee Hooker fan).

The documentary revolved around the church he started twelve years ago, Revolution, which is “for those who feel rejected by traditional approaches to Christianity.” He recently moved to New York to start Revolution NYC which is held in a Brooklyn bar (a test of will, we're sure, for a recovering alcoholic). Service is held every Sunday afternoon at 4pm at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg.