Today until 4:30PM, auditions are being held at Grand Central Terminal for the MTA's Music Under New York program. After receiving over 200 submissions, the MTA asked over 70 musicians and performers to audition; the MTA says about 20 new acts will be added to the program.

MTA executive director and CEO Elliot Sander said, "Music is a wonderful part of the subway experience and we are pleased that performers are joining MUNY to offer an attractive environment to millions of MTA customers. Since 1987, MUNY auditions have offered the opportunity to expand the music program that enhances the quality of traveling to all New Yorkers using the transit system.”

Indeed - videographer Kelly Loudenberg headed to Grand Central and captured a few of the auditions, spoke to performers (including the guy who dances with the doll!) and found out what on-lookers thought.