After previews of the segment last week, The Rap Up shares video of Anderson Cooper's chat with Cam'ron on 60 Minutes to discuss the "no snitching" rule prevalent in the rap community. Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay are all examples of murders that have gone unsolved. More recently, Busta Rhymes bodyguard, Israel Ramirez, was shot and killed at a video shoot; out of the 25 people believed to be present during the crime - no one has come forward.

Even Cam'ron himself was shot twice, and won't say who did it. When Anderson asks him if there's ever a time when it's appropriate to talk to the police, Cam'ron says, "Sure. Say 'Hello, How ya feelin'?'" That's it, because there's a strict "no snitching" rule that's become a cultural norm in some communities, which leads to worries that criminals can wield more power. Take a look:

Part two can be seen here, and touches more upon the kids who look up to and listen to every word these rappers say. The kids, from a church-based organization, agree with Cam'ron - saying it's a crime to snitch. In the end everyone seems to agree that in the music world, there are "huge corporate profits" resulting from all of this. Makes one seriously doubt that Russell Simmons will be able to take offensive words out of hip hop lyrics.

And AllHipHop has "written '21 Questions' and situations in order to test the strength of the Harlemite's 'No snitching' policy."