Those geniuses at Fallon London are at it again for Sony BRAVIA. First they had the bouncing balls in San Francisco, then the tower of paint in Glasgow, and now bunnies on the streets of Manhattan. Fair warning - if for some reason you're scared of bunnies, don't watch this video. The advertisement, titled "Play-doh" features 200 plasticine bunnies hopping around and a large 30 foot bunny in Thomas Paine Park in Lower Manhattan.

The ad's director said it was technically the most difficult thing he's done, "It is an incredibly difficult situation to control. You have New Yorkers wandering through frames and you have no say over it because we're doing it for real." It took 2.5 tons of plasticine, 40 animators three weeks to choreograph the bunnies, and 100,000 images for the 60-second spot. The ad, which was filmed over three weeks this summer, also features a crashing wave, a whale, and lots of New Yorkers.