On June 6th of '06, 400 filmmakers and photographers staked out their location on Broadway for one hour (5 to 6pm) to became a part of a collaborative documentary about NYC. With the largest film permit in city history and 262 blocks covered, each camera focused in on a different experience.

Robert Liano, the film's writer/producer/director, stated: “I couldn’t be more proud...to have the opportunity to work along side 400 of New York City’s most creative filmmakers, photographers and artists. This is one of those special moments when the tide of art and opportunity are colliding for the mutual benefit of audiences, artists and most importantly New Yorkers.” In total there were 411 participants, 323 hours of footage and 1,461 signed appearance release forms. Something that would have been much more difficult to pull off had the MOFTB brought their new rules into effect.

The world premiere of A Broad Way is this Friday, August 24th at 7pm, as part of the Ace Film Festival (held at 41 Broad Street).