U.S. Open FoodIf it's the U.S. Open, then it's that time of year to complain about how expensive food at Flushing Meadows Park is. USTA officials were trying to enforce a "no food policy" to spectators - to the point of forcing fans to fork over $5 to check in their food - but when faced with a nasty fan revolted, they revoked it. Claiming heightened post-September 11, fans hadn't been able to bring food in containers last year, but this year, the rule extended to plastic wrapped food. This sent tennis lovers into a tizzy, with the prospect of $18.50 triple-decker sandwich or $4.50 for bottle of Evian ahead of them - leading many to believe the USTA was trying to drive sales to their overpriced concession stands. But by day's end, fans could have their plastic wrapped cake and eat it, too.

The Post has a rundown of what different foods cost. You can get a lobster roll for $15 or pizza at $7.75. And no waiter service!