USA Baseball; Image: USA Baseball

Ah, baseball. America's past time. A chance for us to show the world that we still dominate the game that we created. So how are our boys doing? Well, they are sitting in front of their TV's watching teams like Italy, Greece and the Netherlands compete for the Gold Medal.

The U.S. baseball team failed to qualify for the Olympics. Roger Clemens, who "retired" last year, dreamed of pitching for the U.S. Olympic team, but it was not to be.

So who are the favorites and what is going on?

The Prelims started on Sunday and here is what happened so far. Taipei beat Australia 3-0, Canada beat Italy 9-3, Cuba beat Australia 4-1, Japan beat Italy 12-0, Canada beat Taipei 7-0 and The Netherlands beat Greece 11-0.

Today Japan plays The Netherlands and Cuba plays Greece. The Preliminary round ends on August 24th. The Final four begin on the 24th and the Medal games are played on the 25th.