2006_02_smensdownhill.jpgIn the premiere men's alpine skiing event, the downhill, the American men were thought to have a great chance at winning a medal - maybe even a gold. Daron Rahlves was a gold medal favorite going into Sunday's competition and Bode Miller, a defending World Cup champion, was a medal favorite as well. Neither one won a medal when all was said and done. The winner was Antoine Deneriaz, a Frenchman who was the last to race after winning the final practice run on Saturday. Deneriaz's finish stunned the Austrians in the crowd, who were chanting for Michael Walchhofer, the eventual silver medalist. Deneriaz finished .72 seconds ahead of Walchhofer, the largest margin of victory in the Olympic downhill since 1964. Miller finished 5th and Rahlves finished 16th, not quite a picture perfect day for the pair of Americans. Miller's finish might cause some to question his off-mountain lifestyle again as the NY Times reports that he has been spotted in nighclubs this week and didn't take a survey of the course before hand like many other racers.

In short track speed skating, things didn't go so well for the United States either. Apolo Anton Ohno was attempting to defend his 2002 Olympic title in the 1,500-meter race, but failed to even make the finals. Ohno slipped in his semifinal heat as he attempted to pass China's Li Ye and was unable to recover before the end of the race.

Photo by AP/CP, Frank Gunn via Yahoo