2006_03_sdavisjr.jpgWe usually hear these stories about suburban soccer matches and hockey games, but after Sunday's CHSAA boy's basketball intersectional championship at Fordham, things got a little heated between Larry Davis Jr. and Michael Bennett, one of the games referees. Davis, who fouled out of the game, allegedly yelled at Bennett and his uncle actually punched the referee in the jaw! For his part, Davis has been suspended from school pending investigation and the rest of the CHSAA's season, which includes a state semifinal game. Davis' uncle is expected to be charged with assault.

Some consider Davis, a 6'4" senior who is headed to NC State next year, one of the top-100 high school players in the nation. Apparently, there is also some history between Bennett and Davis, with Davis' parents accusing the ref of being "sneaky and malicious." Bennett told the Daily News, "My teeth are loose. It's going to be a long time before I am able to hold a whistle between my teeth again."

At least the game didn't end like another game in Queens last night where a 20 year-old was killed and a 16 year-old was left in critical condition.

Photo by Roberts for the Daily News