2006_05_celebriduck.jpgNets player Cliff Robinson has been suspended for five games after violating the NBA's drug policy. What the violation was exactly is unclear, but what is clear is that the suspension is effective tonight's Game 3 against the Miami Heat and that it wipes him out for the rest of this series. Which sucks, because the Nets needed him to guard Shaq and take those fouls. Robinson was suspended for violating the drug policy in 2005 when he was with the Golden State Warriors, right before he was traded to the Nets. Oh, Uncle Cliffy!


And did you notice that the new Brooklyn area rendering from Frank Gehry seems to have Jason Kidd's face on the bunting in the rafters? We're not sure Kidd will still be playing when the Brooklyn Nets Arena comes - if it ever does.

Image of the Cliff Robinson Piston Celebriduck - there are Celebriducks for Yao Ming, Pudge Rodriguez, Jim Thome and many many more!