Mike Tyson; Photo: AP

More than a year since his last fight in February, 2003, Iron Mike Tyson is ready to return to the ring. Last week, Tyson was given a license to fight in New Jersey, yesterday he said he will fight on July 30, and today he turns 38. It's been a busy couple of weeks for Tyson and it's a wonder where he gets time to train for the fight against Danny Williams.

Some reports about Tyson have him saying that he has actually lived in homeless shelters. "For two years I have been a bum, truly a bum in the streets. I've got nowhere to live. I've been crashing with friends, literally sleeping in shelters." Tyson has made more than $300 million in fight money in his career but is currently $38 million in debt. No reports on whether he's actually the owner of a Bentley or not.

While Gothamist isn't one to critique poor grammar and speaking (just read our entries and talk to us), we were confused when Tyson said, "I have a strong internal fortitude when I'm really interested in doing something. Like when I have my mind made up to make a fool of myself, I'm very successful at doing that. If I have my mind made up to make a success of myself, I'm very able to do that as well." Um, yeah Mike, that makes sense. If you're saying what we think, we hope you can stay successful. We're just trying to get used to pictures of you in a suit.