In last night's 11-2 loss to the Angels (box score), Jorge Posada was injured when he took a ball in the nose while on the basepaths. During the 2nd inning, Posada was running to 2nd base on a double-play ball when a ball thrown towards first by Angels shortstop Alfredo Amezaga struck him. The ball deflected off Posada's arm as he reacted and hit his nose, breaking it. Amezaga threw the ball side arm, which wasn't necessary given the situation. After the game, Joe Torre said:

"You usually do that when the runner is close to the base or trying to break up the double play. Jorge doesn't have the speed to get there. It was a simple double play. He could've gone over the top. I'm not saying he tried to hurt anyone, but I just didn't think he needed to come underneath."

Posada was taken to Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center where he was operated on by a specialist. The "Posada Prognosis" is that he will better in three to four days, which means no disabled list for Posada. After hearing about this, Gothamist was reminded of when A-Rod was hit in the face during Spring Training. Also, given Torre's views and Amezaga's view that he did nothing wrong, we wonder if Amezaga will be public enemy #1 during tonight's game.