2006_04_snetsheat.jpgAnyone who was skeptical of the Nets' recent hot streak has probably been won over by now. They've defnitely persuaded Gothamist. Sunday's 90-78 win against Miami was the latest in a twelve-game winning streak that has left some of the best teams in the NBA losers after their games against the Nets. No team in the NBA is hotter, but will the Nets have enough in the postseason to continue their hot streak?

Gothamist thinks its possible. Vince Carter is healthy and running on all cylinders. Their bench has been active and productive. They defend their homecourt well. They might have to win two series without home court advantage, but the way they've played lately there's no reason to think they can't win a game or two on the road. Detriot lost at home to the Nets recently. After a tumultuous year, the Nets likely wish the playoffs would start tomorrow. Unfortunately they won't, but the Nets couldn't be hotter.

Photo by Matthew Krautheim