TFW the weekend’s over--what?!--and the alarm’s going off for--barbarism!--work, and a mere fraction of Sunday’s cleaning schedule has yet to be done. Plus, the refrigerator’s bare. Plus, what is going on with this bed head. Can’t. Even.

Now, there are two ways to deal with this. One, get some hair product. Second is, still get the hair stuff, but take the rest as a sign it’s time you got your whole dang routine together to bring this fall in right.

Blue Apron’s got the dinner plans to make it happen on the food front quick.

So, at least what you come home to after work is not over-salted take-out while you sit atop Mount Laundry, but delicious, chef-designed recipes like Cheesy Beef Baguettes with Roasted Carrots & Spicy Ranch and One-Pan Coconut Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes & Bok Choy.

Better than over-salted take-out.

The curry is even an option for you Whole30® dieters out there, with more Whole30®-approved meals available through the end of September.

Jumpstart your September Whole30®

The price starts as low as $7.49 per serving.* That’s what’s up. And if you sign up now you’ll save $50 over your first two boxes.

Blue Apron is constantly expanding your culinary expertise with new dinner options in the weeks to come, so you won’t get bored in your meal routine either. We’re looking out for Seared Salmon over Farro with Dates, Zucchini, & Garlic Labneh and the manna known as Pork Chorizo Burgers with Fig Mayo & Roasted Peppers.

Holy chorizo, check it out:

*For new customers beginning 9/17/18

This post is written by Gothamist sponsorship staff on behalf of Blue Apron.