We were really hoping Trump would lose this match, which would have resulted in the long-awaited end to his haircut. Since his hair is something we could never imagine him giving up, it's not impossible that the match was rigged. Either way, he won and got to shave the head of another rich guy, World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon.

Trump and McMahon didn't go face to face in the ring of course, they had WWE wrestlers representing them: Bobby Lashley for Trump and Umaga for McMahon (wonder if he'll get fired). But The Donald did receive a "hit" from Stone Cold Steve Austin.


If Trump did lose his hair, he might be covering his bald head up right now with a Yankees hat. Could he be the future owner of the team? Newsday recently spoke to Trump, who "made it clear that he would like to own a team some day." And when asked directly about the Yankees "he looked away from me, broke eye contact. He paused for a brief second, seemingly trying to find the right way to answer a question he surely wasn't anticipating." If it does happen, get ready for the inevitable Yankees Reality Show - we'd love for Don Zimmer to return as an "Clubhouse Adviser," a la George in the boardroom!