I recently moved to New York from Philadelphia, and while I'm happy to leave much of my Philly life behind, I very much miss Quizzo, a great bar trivia game that at least a dozen bars would have going on any given night across the city. I've tried looking for different trivia replacements in New York, but found very little. Am I doomed to nights at home with my Trivial Pursuit board?

Our favorite trivia night in the city is Noah Tarnow's Big Quiz Thing which happens every other Monday at the Slipper Room and once a month at Happy Ending Lounge. The next Big Quiz Thing is scheduled for February 7th at the aforementioned Slipper Room.

For more behind-the-scenes info on the Big Quiz Thing, check out Gothamist's interview with Noah Tarnow.

If you're looking for games in other neighborhoods, take a look at this list of bars with trivia or game nights.

And while you're at it, can you stump Gothamist's readers? Post your best trivia questions to the comment section below.