2006_01_21_pandasex.jpg - One reason not to be a panda? Photographs of your deflowering (like that of four-year-old panda Lin Hui, right) may appear on a Reuters feed. They are cute though.

- Poor unidentified junkie, you bought your smack and then forgot to look both ways while crossing the street. The bus driver didn't even see you coming.

- Anybody else notice that former Jersey Gov. James McGreevey is blogging for Ariana?

- We love that the tabloids have already taken sides in Ron Perleman and Ellen Barkin's most-likely upcoming divorce.

- Yawn. Cornell got a new president today, Dr. David J. Skorton.

- The list of city schools which warrant strict external scrutiny gained ten schools this year, and lost five leaving a total of 40. There were 55 schools on the list in 2003, 46 in 2004 and an all-time low of 35 last year.