Of course Joe Torre's decision to reject a $5 million one-year contract (with $3-million in bonuses if he progressed into the off-season) coaching the Yankees for another year is the big news story of the day, if not the month. The speculation about whether he would keep his job has been scuttlebutt for weeks (or months, when the Yankees fell behind over the summer). Yes, the offer was a pay cut and, yes, now the Yankees need to figure out who will lead the Bronx Bombers next. And, no, it's not clear how lucid George Steinbrnner is these days.

The Post and Daily News give the same headline treatment to their Page 1 covers, Newsday refers to Torre's classines, and the NY Times gives up one column on Page A1, but there's no photo. More coverage from the Post, Daily News, Newsday, and NY Times.

And Torre will be giving a press conference later today - we'll cover that later.