Guess the babyIn the New York Times Magazine, Peggy Orenstein tries to wade through possibly one of the most important decisions she will ever make regarding the welfare of her unborn child: Picking out a name. She explores a number of avenues involved in names (like breakthrough sounds, such as the "djeh" in Jennifer, as Harvard sociologist Stanley Liebserson explains).

Orenstein also mentions an amazing website, the Popular Baby Names site from the Social Security Administration, which she calls a "sinkhole" for a web addict. Which it truly is: Gothamist looked up "Jacob" and "Jennifer" for their respective rankings, and of late, Jacob has been number one for the past few years while Jennifer has been in the 20s. And since everything is a battle, Jen happily cedes this one since it doesn't mean anything for her own generation, which was Jennifer-mad: Her best friend from the third grade (to present) is Jennifer Jung, no joke.

Gothamist covered the names of celebrities' children a while back. Now is the time to become a psychotherapist because these these tots, like Romeo Beckham, will almost certainly need it.

Jen's identity crisis (and the song she likes) and Jake's alter-ego. Spike Lee's name issues involve suing media conglomerates. You've probably done it before, but do it again: Find your Smurf name.