So, now that Tiki Barber works for NBC and not the Giants Tom Coughlin is finally going to finally tell him to shut up? Visibly shaken, for probably the first time as coach of the Giants, Coughlin addressed Tiki’s comments about how Coughlin hastened his retirement. “I think to give the illusion that I had something to do with his retirement, I don’t quite follow that.”

It is understandable for Coughlin to be stung by Tiki’s ingratitude. After all, Tiki was known more for fumbling than anything else when Coughlin came to town and Tom immediately found a way to stop that problem. Tiki responded with the three best years of his career and you would think he would show some thanks to the coach who helped him achieve that.

But, like too many other Giants, who unfortunately remain in the locker room, Tiki likes to make his feelings known in the press. Strahan, Shockey, Barber, the list goes on, amazing talents who can’t shut their mouths and play football.

Coughlin never got control of the locker room and he probably never will. But, until someone does and focuses this team on winning and not griping, the Giants won’t go very far at all.

Photo of Tom Coughlin answering questions at the NFL Combine by AP/Michael Conroy