2006_03_smarburyblocked.jpg$92 million doesn’t buy that much these days. The Knicks with their $125 million payroll lost 116-109 to Charlotte with their $33 million payroll and took over the worst record in the NBA. Charlotte’s payroll is actually equal to about half of the luxury tax payment the Knicks will be forced to pay at the end of this season.

The Knicks actually out shot the Bobcats, but were once again plagued by sloppy basketball. New York committed 14 turnovers, with Steve Francis contributing five including one in the final minute of play when the Knicks still had a glimmer of hope.

As if the future wasn’t already bleak enough, Channing Frye seems to be regressing each game. His points per game and shooting percentages have dropped every month since December and last night he committed five fouls in just seventeen minutes. If Frye doesn’t develop into a solid player, Knicks’ fans will really have nothing to look forward to.

Photo by Robert Padgett/Reuters via Yahoo