My live-in girlfriend and I have been having difficulties lately. She writes in a journal almost every day. I ask what she's writing about, and she says "personal things." Then she leaves it lying all around the apartment, on tables, on the bed, on my dresser everywhere. I get the sense that she wants me to read it, but I'm worried she'd be upset if I did, or moreover I'd be upset to read something bad about me or our relationship. What should I do?

Curious, Murray Hill

It does sound like your girlfriend might be trying to send you a signal that there are things prominent in her mind about you, especially if she is leaving the journal in your shared and personal space. However, reading her entries would be a violation of her privacy, something that should always be respected even when you're living with someone. Why don't you ask her what you're asking us? A casual "Hey, are you trying to send me a signal here?" might open up the communication between you in a light manner and help her to realize that you are, indeed, curious.