2005_03_ssweetney.jpgFriday's ugly loss to the Magic put some spark in the Knicks on Sunday. They beat the Golden State Warriors 115-99 at MSG, and have now won 4 of their last 5. The trio of Tim Thomas, Stephon Marbury, and Michael Sweetney scored a total of 70 (!!) for NY, and new acquisition Mo Taylor added 15 points and 5 rebounds off the bench. Friday's setback aside, it does seem like the somewhat maligned trades have brought some fresh energy to the Knicks' clubhouse. Can the wins continue? And is anyone surprised that Tim Thomas has found his shot right as he's coming into a contract year?

As for the town's other quasi-team, the Nets also lost ugly to the Magic 24 hours later, and were idle on Sunday.

In other NBA news, Gary Payton makes a quick return to the Celtics, and Tim Duncan was injured Sunday in a Spurs win over the Jazz.

Photo via AP / Michael Kim