They really tried to blow it, but Tiki Barber wouldn’t let them. After building up a 27-7 lead the Giants held on for dear life and survived 34-28 over the Redskins. Barber had his finest game as a Giant, rushing for 234 yards and three touchdowns, including a pivotal 50-yard TD in the fourth quarter.

The win almost assures the Giants of a playoff berth. In order for Green Bay to beat out the Giants for the final seed in the NFC, the following would have to happen: Green Bay, Arizona, Minnesota, Detroit, Miami and San Fran wining and Carolina, Houston and Tampa losing. Then again, the way things have gone this year don’t count it out.

Assuming the Giants reach the playoffs, they will travel to either Dallas or Philadelphia. They actually won in both locations this year and both teams have problems of their own. In this dysfunctional conference anything can happen, so stay tuned.

Photo of Tiki Barber scoring in the first half by AP/Nick Wass