2005_12_sbarber.jpgHe may not have won a Super Bowl, but it is time to recognize Tiki Barber as the greatest offensive player the Giants have ever had. Saturday was just another example of his ability to take the entire offense into his hands and lead the Giants to victory. He was held to only 13 yards on his first 10 carries, but the Giants stuck with him and by the time it was over Tiki had rushed for two touchdowns and 220 yards in the Giants 27-17 victory.

The win, coupled with a Cowboys loss, gives the Giants two shots to win the NFC East. They can win next week in Washington or the following week in Oakland and they will be division champs. The Giants also have an outside shot at a bye week, if the Bears and Panthers stumble down the stretch.

Whatever happens, 10-4 at this point is more than any Giants fan could have expected and Tiki deserves the lion’s share of the credit for that.

Photo by AP/Julie Jacobson via ESPN