In what has to be considered a huge upset, the Tigers defeated the Yankees 8-3 Saturday to advance to the ALCS. New York’s vaunted offense was putrid, getting only six hits and simply looking overmatched. Detroit will face Oakland starting Tuesday in a matchup of two teams with great pitching.

The question is, what happens to the Yankees now? Mike Mussina and Gary Sheffield have team options which means they may not be back next year. Jaret Wright will probably be sent away as well and you can expect names like Barry Zito and Daisuke Matsuzaka to be on their off-season shopping list.

The scrutiny will clearly be on A-Rod. A few weeks ago he talked about being judged by his October and the numbers aren’t pretty: 1-14 and hitting eighth in the lineup today. He has a no-trade clause, but if the Yankees asked him to waive it, you have to imagine he would consider it at this point. Will he, won’t he? Stay tuned for what should be a very interesting off-season.

Photo of Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, and Alex Rodriguez in the 9th inning by AP/Duane Burleson