I've saved just about every concert ticket, sports event, and even some movie tickets throughout the years. I want to frame/display/preserve my collection somehow. What can I do that's cool??2005_06_asktickets.jpg

Ask Gothamist is a fan of decoupage - it's easy to do and is inexpensive since it requires few materials. For those of you not familiar with decoupaging, this is when you take items and basically glue/shellac them onto an object. You could decoupage your ticket stubs onto practically anything - an inexpensive table, a large piece of plywood (which you could then hang on a wall), a dresser... The best glue for decoupaging is Mod Podge, which can be found at just about any craft/art supply store in the city.

You can also do a search for "ticket stubs" in the forums on Craftster to get some ideas about crafty things that have been done with ticket stubs - including some great ticket-stub bookmarks!

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