2008_01_ohnoz.jpgYou can see what are the most recommended and most commented posts on the Gothamist Favorites site, but here are the top three for both:

Most Recommended

1. Bad Ad Ideas: Pakistan Airlines, 1979: An old ad showing the shadow of an airplane against the World Trade Center brought up some spooky associations as well as questions about whether the ad was real.
2. Breaking: Shots Fired at Police by Man Barricaded in Park Slope Brownstone: The cops and bomb squad were in the heart of the Park Slope. Shots were fired and there were fears for potential hostages, but the incident was resolved (the man turned out to be emotionally disturbed).
3. Brooklyn Bar Lures Drunks With Prizes: What will happen with Pacific Standard's Frequent Drinker Card Program?

Most Commented
1. All He Can Be In the Army, But Not the NYPD: A soldier's desire to join the NYPD will probably be thwarted by a gun possession felony.
2. No Crying Over Victory!: Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire primary win made up for any tears.
3. New Bill Should Be Putting Plastic in the Past: The City Council passed a law requiring large stores to allow customers to return plastic bags, offer plastic bag recycling, and more.

And an update on our our favorite cat who had a bottle stuck on its head: The animal shelter nicknamed it Bottle Cap.