2006_02_staylor.jpgThe Knicks gave up a lot to get Eddy Curry and despite occasional flashes of brillance, he has not developed into a consistent player. Yesterday, Curry had a game to forget going 2-9 from the field and missing numerous defensive assignments while the Knicks lost 111-101 in Oklahoma City.

The loss was the 14th in 15 games for New York, which is now 14-35 and tied for the fewest wins in the league. Larry Brown said before the season started that it takes about 50 games to get to know your team, but it seems like he still hasn’t figured his out.

Once again, Larry used all 12 players and once again could not find a combination that worked. While the players are certainly deserving of a large part of the blame for this disaster of the season, Brown’s inability to set a rotation isn’t helping. The trade deadline is less than two weeks away and the names may change, but it is hard to see the Knicks getting better.

Photo by AP/Ty Russel via ESPN