2006_02_sbrowndown.jpgIt has come to this, Larry Brown comparing himself to Roy Rubin, a coach of the 1972-73 Sixers- the worst team in NBA history. While the Knicks will not break that record for futility, they are quickly approaching some of their own. Monday they lost 100-72 in Dallas, their tenth consecutive loss.

The last time the Knicks lost ten in a row was 21 years ago. That team was also coached by a Brown, Hubie Brown, and also lost their best player, Bernard King, to an extended injury. While they finished with 24 wins, their ineptitude allowed them to make the first selection in the draft that summer, Patrick Ewing.

These Knicks have already traded their first round pick in this draft, so history will not repeat itself. The question is; how will they get out of this mess? They are trying to trade Penny Hardaway and his expiring contract, but will that bring back anything for the future? Larry Brown’s negativity seems to have sapped any confidence this team may have had, Stephon Marbury is still hurt and Isiah doesn’t appear to have a plan. Maybe they can beat the Raptors on Wednesday.

Photo by AP/Tony Gutierrez Yahoo